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 Part No.  72623
 Brand  NARVA
 Description  REVERSE ALARM 87-112DB 12/24V SELF ADJUST
 Unit  Each
 Image Image
 Notes 72623
Self-Adjusting Reversing Alarm 12 or 24 Dual Voltage 87-112 Decibels
Featuring advanced next generation technology, this unit operates within +/- 2dB of the stated sound level, 2dB better than SAE requirements. Automatically adjusts to within 5dB above the ambient sound level. Housed in tough reinforced nylon this unit is ideal for heavy duty applications or vehicles and machinery that operate in environments such as hospitals and airports where surrounding noise levels change rapidly. This dramatically reduces noise pollution and irritation for operators

NB: These highly precise alarms operate within +/- 2dB of the stated level and can be used as direct replacements for P/No.s 72624 and 72616